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Helping Hand Ghana is a non-profit ,non-political and non-governmental organization founded with the desire to help the disabled and vulnerable in Ghanaian society. Our aim is to recruit volunteers all around the world to assist Ghanaians, especially in rural and deprived communities, in terms of education and health.
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    • Are you looking for:
    • A unique lifetime experience that you will never forget?
    • The opportunity to live in another part of the world experiencing a totally different culture?
    • A chance to confirm your passion for the less privileged and the disabled?
    • A way to make a difference whilst experiencing life in a developing country i.e. Ghana.
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About Ghana
A peaceful and welcoming country, participants will be thrilled with both the modern and traditional life Ghana has to offer. Its coastal area consists
of plains and lagoons near river estuaries.  
Ghana Independence Monument
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